What we do

We are a mechanical design studio offering design, development and optimization of mechanical parts and products. We deliver these goods including production documentation and aftersale service. Our products increase productivity and quality in press shops and paint shops, simplify assembly, speed up automation and shorten commissioning time. By using our products and services our customers consistently achieve high quality production and assembly processes. Our customers always appreciate our personal, professional and proactive approach in the Czech Republic and Europe. We offer clever solutions, simple products and complex services, innovatively using modern technologies.

Work with us

Tailor made solution
Our products reflect individual requirements of each customer.
Cutting edge technologies
Unrivalled products with short return on investment ROI.
Fast delivery
We deliver orders within only one week.
Quality as a standard
Years of experience in design and production ensure high quality of delivered solutions.
Prototypes and series
Design of prototypes respects serial production costs requirements.
We prefer long term cooperation and partnership.
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